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The Man Behind Transforming School Education in Telangana - India

Dr R S Praveen Kumar

Forest to Everest - No Reverse Gears


Born to Smt. Premamma and Shri B. R. Savaranna, both dedicated and passionate govt. teachers in Alampur, MBNR (Dt), Telangana. Completed primary education in Alampur and High school and intermediate in Govt. Junior College. Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry (984-1990) and Master of Veterinary Science (1990-1992) from Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad. Mid-career Master of Public Administration as a Mason Fellow at JF Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

Important Positions held

Chief of District Police, Karim Nagar and Anantapur, AP 2001-2005
War Crimes Investigator, United Nations Mission in Kosovo - 2005-2006
Deputy Commissioner of Police, Crime, Detective Department, Hyderabad City Police
Joint Director, Andhra Pradesh Police Academy - 2009-2010
Joint Commissioner of Police, Special Branch, Hyderabad City Police 2010- 2011
Secretary, Social Welfare and Tribal Welfare Residential Schools, Telangana and Erstwhile Andhra Pradesh 2012- to date